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Carpet Cleaning Services And Their Role In Enhancing Business Productivity

No matter how beautiful a carpet is, it undergoes wear and tear when kept in regular use. Carpets placed in large businesses, typically hotels, offices and even public areas are prone to a number of damaging factors, and these include dust, stains and odours, only to name a few. Not only are these visibly noticeable to the customers and visitors walking on them, but they also pose a threat to the healthy work environment in an office.

When placed out for daily use, carpets are prone to gathering dust, bacteria and other allergens that can be the cause of several reactions associated with allergies. The results are quite predictable, and with more of your employees taking time off work, productivity is bound to take a toll, eventually resulting in loss of business or revenues. This is in a time when employers throughout the world are working towards offering a more eco-friendly and quality work environment to their employees to optimize efficiency. In contrast, dirty carpets can undo all your efforts of providing a more productive environment. [Read more…]

Consumer Guide to Choosing Carpet Cleaning Services

Almost every consumer has heard about certain crimes associated with the carpet cleaning industry. Some crimes involve improper use of substances and chemicals or offering of discount coupons just to find a way for culprits to break into the house or office premises and conduct their own means of robbery. It is time for every customer to realize that the carpet cleaning services offered commercially is one of those industries which have not yet been regulated so professional and ethical standards are yet lacking and some not implemented.

The EPA Guidelines

In order for you to land in the hands of genuine and professional cleaning companies, you need to avoid certain dangerous cleaning practices and identify hard-sell strategies. These are ways to push you to opt for the company services and risk whatever it is inside your homes and even your lives. The EPA has set that cleaning should vary from every quarter of the month to eighteen months depending on the number of pets and people that live in the house. It also depends on the kinds of activities being done inside. Your cleaning schedule can also take into consideration the home smokes generated and the dust in the neighborhood. The EPA guides you further by understanding that true carpet cleaning services are able to assess your cleaning needs and suggest the appropriate solutions and equipment. [Read more…]